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Oh no, Age and Menopause have Nothing to do With It

June 6, 2010

Okay, I admit it, I’m not only old school, but prehistoric!  I refuse to text or tweet!  My phone doesn’t even have a camera in it.  Although, I’m kind of changing my mind about the camera part.  Anyway, I still carry an actual day planner.  You know, the old paper and pencil kind in a small ring binder.  My entire brain is in that book!  It is never far.  However, it is difficult to add ideas to it as I drive.  The whole paper and pen thing and driving just don’t mix.  Long ago I came up with my own little solution.   I just call myself at home and leave messages for myself.  Usually this works great!  However, I came home and my boys had arrived first.  By boys I mean the husband and son units were ready and waiting when I hit the door.

Moooooom!   (Loud Laughing!)


We can’t believe what you said on the phone!  (More Loud Laughing!)


You know, you said,  oh, and you need to, oh wait, what do I need to, ah shit, I can’t remember!  I’ll call back when I think of it.

More laughing, both rolling on the floor! 

Well, I at least did call back didn’t I?  I did remember, didn’t I?  I just don’t see what you both find so funny? (Now we’re all laughing!)

I guess I might have to review that leaving messages for myself idea just a little.  😀

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