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my first blog

Well, this is my first attempt to enter the blog world.  Up until now ,I have really thought blogs were a waste of time.  I refuse to text or twitter, so I thought I would at least give this blogging thing a try.  As usual, I am behind the times.  But with this menopause thing going on with my body, I find that I am sleeping, or rather not sleeping at all hours.  What’s a girl to do?  How about start a blog!  At least it seemed like a good idea at 2 in the morning.  Besides, I wanted a way to start getting down all the wierd and funny stuff that happens with being a parent at this age.  I had wanted to start writing this stuff down when we first adopted our son.  It’s only taken me six years to start!  When the adoption finally seemed like it was really going to happen, my dad asked me if I had done the math.  (He knows that I’m not exactly great in that area.)  I assured him that I had.  Yes, my husband and I both realized that when our son graduates from high school, we’ll attend with our walkers.  His friends will say, AW, isn’t that great your grandparents could come.  He’ll quip back, dude, those are my parents!

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