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Baseball Heaven

May 22, 2010

A couple of weeks ago a life changing event happened right in my home, in the family room.  My men, my husband and 9 yr. old son were sitting in front of the tv.  My hubby was channel surfing, we were trying to decide what to watch, when a truly amazing thing happened.  A moment that will change our lives forever.  You ask, what could be so significant?  Weren’t you just at home, doing the normal stuff?  Oh ye of little faith, read on.  My heart stopped as I heard the following:

Daddy, hey wait, can we watch that baseball game?

The heavens opened, angels began to sing , and an otherworldly light surrounded my husband.  I heard in his voice the answer to a life long dream.

Of course we can!

With those two simple sentences our lives have changed forever.  My son has truly entered into the realm of sports .  My husband now has a partner in crime .  They just talked and talked about the game, the hits, the misses, the moves, the strategies, and on and on.

I was happy for my hubby, truly I was.  However, I could feel my eyes roll back into my head, I felt like a vampire who had just been sprinkled with holy water.  Oh NO !  Now they both would be wanting to watch endless games that last for years!  I could see my future of sports widow – hood flash before my eyes.  My worst fears were confirmed just tonight!

Today was our 33 wedding anniversary.  The day had all those little calls back and forth.  You know, happy annniversary, love you, what do you want to do tonight?  We decided to go to our favorite steak house.  It was there that my future was confirmed.  The boys, ( husband and son), sat on the side that faced the tv in the adjoining bar.  Of course a sports channel was on.  I felt like a 9 yr old girl fighting with my brother for the attention of our mutual best friend.  My husband was the center of attention.  Conversations were interrupted by grown up talk  versus sports talked.   The boys were rowdy before our food came.  How is it that grown men still act like little boys?  I mean really.  Women do not arm wrestle at the dinner table, come on!  And it was our anniversary, just a little romance would have been appreciated.  But no, between the tv and wrestling going on it was lost .  The final nail was nailed with what I heard next.

Hey, did you see that major league guy miss?  That was just like you in your last game, wasn’t it.  When did you know you had done something wrong?

As soon as I swung.

How many people told you about it?


Yep, Coach A, then Coach B, the me – Coach C.

Well, that about sums it all up.  Welcome to baseball heaven.

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