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No More Naked Boy

February 6, 2010

The third grade year is one of great change.  It’s the year children become more independent.  Their teachers stop leading them around, spoon-feeding them on what to do and when.  To me, it’s the beginning of the loss of innocence.  Sadly, I knew it was coming.  Thought I had prepared myself for it.  As usual, I was wrong.

The first clue came when Mommy suddenly became Mom, or rather Mmmmaaaaahhhhhmmmm!  How could I not see it?  Mom, don’t hold my hand!   Mom, you’re embarrassing me!  Mom, I can do it!  I do have a college degree, took twice the amount of psych and child psych classes I needed.  Yet I was still so blind.  Or, can we all say, denial ?

The next big shocker came at Christmas time.  It really caught both myself and my husband off guard.  Mom, you know there is no Santa Claus, it’s really you and Dad!  I was heart-broken and pouted for a week.  Oh, of course we had the big discussion.  You know, the one about how we really believe in the spirit of Santa and giving and how God sent His Son, and on and on .  All our 8 yr. old would say was, come on, I know Daddy hides the presents in his trunk.  I could feel the white hairs actually shoot from my brain.

The final straw came sometime in January.  I tried to bring a wash cloth to him while he was  starting to take a bath.  It had never been a problem before. I should have seen it coming. Out came the loud and drawn out,


I just want to bring you a washcloth.  Do you have a towel?

MOM!!!!!  GET OUT!!!  I”M OKAY!!!!!!!    GET OUT!!!

Geez, I’m not looking, you don’t have to yell.  Do you have a washcloth and towel?

YES!!!!!!!  NOW GET OUT!!!!!!!

It was then I finally got it.  My baby boy was really growing up.  I was no longer Mommy, I was Mom.  There would be no more pictures with Santa.  Yet, I think the thing that I will miss most is my super-hero, “Naked Boy”.  Oh, Naked Boy was terrific.  He was free and happy and full of energy.  He would run around the house, naked, giggling and laughing all the way.  We would yell, there goes Naked Boy, being naked.  We would all laugh at the exploits of Naked Boy.  We loved his exuberance and the proud way he would stop, arms and legs spread in a wide stance, and smile and laugh while we cheered him on. 

The next morning, while driving my son to school, I asked him,

Soooo, no more “Naked Boy”?  I kind of miss him.

With as sheepish grin he said, 

 Yeah, me too.  He was fun wasn’t he?

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  1. February 6, 2010 2:22 am

    I have two boys, and this almost made me cry. My oldest is 5 and such a cuddle-bug. I can’t imagine him not wanting to hug me. I think I’ll hug him a few extra times tonight. Thanks for writing! It was great visiting your site!

    • February 6, 2010 4:13 pm

      Thanks for visiting my site and the nice comments. Take heart, naked boy has left the building, but I do still get kisses and hugs. It’s just that they are fewer and sometimes I have to ask. But that’s okay too. I want him to grow into a man that can still hug and kiss, so I just keep asking away! I’ts also a good excuse to get more of those cuddles from his dad! And boy, do I work that too! 🙂

  2. lighthousegal permalink
    February 11, 2010 10:26 pm

    Great to see a post by you! I have sort of neglected my blog as I spent more time focusing on the girls during the holidays. Ah, Naked Boy. We have Wood Nymph at our house. Wood Nymph is adamant that she can take a shower by herself, but I have to be within speaking distance, she can do her own homework until there is a problem she can’t solve, she is very independent until night time when I check on her and her thumb is in her mouth, and she feels me pull it out and she turns her back to me so I can wrap my arms around her a snuggle for a few more minutes before I go to bed. Wood Nymph still likes to be naked as long as there is no one else around. We dodged the bullet one more year regarding Santa with her. I am not sure we will be so lucky next year, but I gloried in it this year.

  3. February 18, 2010 5:20 am

    Long live the Wood Nymphs and Naked Boys!!!!!!!! We all should keep a little one inside us as long as we live, don’t you think! The world would be such a better place if the Wood Nymphs and Naked Boys ran things ! Well, maybe clothed Nymphs and Boys 🙂

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