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Another School Project

January 28, 2010

I can’t believe it!  My son got an “A” on his science test!  I know he will need therapy when he grows up for that wacky study session, but at least he got an “A”.  I cried when he brought home that beautiful “A”.  Maybe we can go to therapy together!  Heaven knows I need it now!

What a difference a day makes.  Tonight we worked on his social studies project.  His class is studying landforms.  My son could have picked volcano, mountain, but he picked bay.  Inside my head was screaming, how on earth are we going to make a bay?  But we did it, and had fun too!

There is a beautiful bay, in a boot box, sitting on my dining room table.  We had so much fun painting, glueing, creating!  I even got kisses as we did it. Not one yell, not one argument, just pure mother and son time.  I was in heaven.  This was how I envisioned it would be with my son. Why it was a scene straight from the Ossie and Harriet show.   The two of us, having fun together, creating, learning, sharing, growing.  I should have videotaped it because I don’t even believe it actually happened.  But there sits the box, a blue sky with clouds, a bay with waves, a shore line, rocks, grass, a path to the dock that even has a leggo boat waiting to go fishing in the bay.  That box represent a little bit of heaven, not just a bay, but a great experience making it.  At least we will have one positive experience to share with our therapist someday. 🙂

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