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I want to be a policeman

January 20, 2010

My son and I were going somewhere the other day, when a police car stopped in the middle of the intersection, lights flashing, siren blaring.  My son was full of excitemant and a thousand questions! 

 Yes, see, he has stopped there to stop traffic.  Wait, listen, do you hear some more sirens?  Look, here comes an ambulance.  

 That’s why I want to be a policeman when I grow up. 

 Because you want to help people? 

 No, because I want to be able to turn on the siren like that.  That way, cars will get out of my way and I can go wherever I want really fast! 

I immediately burst into laughter!  Of course that’s why an 8 yr old boy wants to be a cop!  Heck, that’s probably why many policeman become cops?  Little boys in grown up bodies, driving fast with blaring sirens!  Oh, I’m sure they say it’s because they want to help people, but we women know, it’s all about the “toys”, cars, guns, sirens, every boy’s dream.  🙂

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