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10 Ways To Know You Are Becoming Your Mother

November 14, 2009

When I was about 16, I distinctly remember watching my mother try on a pair of pants, elastic waisted, with total disdain.  I will never wear “granny” pants like that, I will always wear pants with a zipper, I told her!  How can you were those things?My how things have changed!

Help, I am becoming my mother.  How do I know?  Check these tips:)

10 Ways To Know You Are Becoming Your Mother!

  1. You find elastic waisted pants comfortable and wear them daily to work.  You do save a little face by NOT tucking in your shirt.
  2. You talk to anybody that will listen at the grocery store, or any other public place while you are shopping.  You talk without shame and even enjoy talking to total strangers about anything that comes to mind.  The filter between your brain and mouth has disappeared.
  3. You try on clothes over your clothes in the aisles at stores, again with no shame or embarrassment.  After all, it does save time doesn’t it?
  4. You complain often about small print.  How can they expect a person to read this!  This small print is just ridiculous and rather thoughtless of the goof balls that print it this small. 
  5. You actually worry and listen to all the news reports about Social Security, Medicare, and what the government is doing.
  6. You carry your own personal fan, year-round, and love it!, feeling sorry your mother didn’t have one herself when she just used anything handy as a “fan”, like your homework, checkbook, or napkins.
  7. You read the obituaries, daily, relieved when there is no one you know, and you don’t see your own name as well.
  8. You find that you would rather take a nap above doing almost anything else.  Besides, you just fall asleep without even knowing it.  You just can’t help it.
  9. You have found new hobbies, like putting together puzzles of pretty scenes, falling asleep while reading the paper,  and buy and do those word puzzle books.  And you really love those puzzles!
  10. You look in the mirror one morning, scream with shock, then realize that it is you, not a surprise visit from your mom, hiding in your bathroom.
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  1. lighthousegal permalink
    November 14, 2009 7:53 am

    How about when you open your mouth and find that you are channeling your mother! The first time I said something that my mother had said to me and I swore that I would never say – well, I did not think it was funny at all!

  2. November 14, 2009 9:47 pm

    Thanks for visiting Lighthousegal! Yes, I should have added one more, hearing your mother’s voice and words coming out of your body like some scene from the invasion of the body snatchers! EEEEEEW! EEEEEEEK! H….E….L….P ! 🙂

  3. jane mccurdy permalink
    November 23, 2009 4:15 am

    Hey cousin,
    you’re killing me! Yes, this is the truth!
    Love you and sending positive thoughts your way! My youngest son turns 21 in 46 minutes–yikes!

  4. Jennifer Flowers permalink
    December 15, 2009 2:10 pm

    Well right now I only can positively that 4 of those things apply FOR SURE! SCARY!!! However, I do have a few of my own. 1. Making those noises when you get up, sit down, or bend over…or various other tasks. I try so hard to stop myself when I her those sounds coming out of my mouth. Sounds JUST like our parental unit. (Shhh be vewy vewy quiet. You know what I mean! And like the one you missed… words that are coming out of your mouth. (“Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?” — I digress, but I do that quite frequently…so what movie is that from? I like to play games like that…lol…mom doesn’t do that!!!!!) (P.S. you’d probably get it quickly if you HEARD me say it.) Enjoy

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