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Whew – Just Made It

October 22, 2009

When will I ever learn?  Why can’t I get everything done?  We were late with my son’s project.  The laundry is behind.  Way behind, like the size of Mount Everest!  Oh it’s clean, just not folded and put away.  I just have the one son.  How can he generate so much laundry?  And of course the house still has some health code violations. 

This is the end of the grading period.  I have to put over 500 student’s grades on line.  Just this last week they were still moving students from room to room.  They opened up 2 more classrooms.  Did anyone give me the new class lists?  Of course not.  I just teach music, why would I need a class list?  My grade book looks like  those declassified documents that the government sends out, lots of lines marked out.  As I was trying to put grades in, I was flipping from class to class, playing “where’s Waldo” trying to find which student is in which class.  What a nightmare!  But wait, it gets better yet. Of course I had waited until the last day and the deadline was midnight.  At 11:45  I still had 4 classes to go.  I held my breathe.  Would they really cut it off ?  I decided I had better breathe and just kept working.  Midnight came and I was still online!  A miracle actually happened.  I was able to get all my grades online, finishing about 1 am.  Late, but done.  Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂  Now, knowing my luck, the grades I put on after midnight will not show up on report cards.  “They” just let me think I was still entering grades to mess with my mind.  Ha!  They don’t understand, I’ve all ready lost it, so if it’s gone, what is there left to “mess” with?

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