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Homework Panic

October 11, 2009

Good Grief!  Do I feel like the biggest bonehead ever.

My son, 8yrs, 3rd grd, has been working on a report about lions for weeks.  For extra credit, he can do an additional project, like say, oh, a diorama!  For those of you unfamiliar with this term, this is where you take a shoe box and build a miniature scene.  This little “extra” can cost anywhere from zero dollars up to, as in our case last year, around $50!  What, I hear you scream, a shoebox, pretend scene, costs that much?  Oh yes, my uninitiated ones, it can.  Start adding up glue, glue dots, scenery, figures, backgrounds, paints, paint brushes, miniature trees, animals, grasslands, other animals, etc.  It all adds up fast!

Here’s where that panic begins!  He has been buggin’  us for weeks to make this “shoebox” thing.  We have been very busy, what with football games, fall baseball games, practices, homework and a mommy who procrastinates.  I just plain did not want to go shopping for all this stuff.  It is a real pain, and one stop at one store, never does it.  You start to feel like Moses, roaming in the desert, looking for the promised land!  Where can we find little trees?  Will this journey never end?

Also, since I am a teacher, I well know the drill.  Plan it out in stages, get to work on it as soon as the assignment is given, do it a little at a time so it won’t be overwhelming.  This is a speech I have given hundreds, if not thousands of times. 

So how come it’s Sunday, the project is due tomorrow, and we haven’t even started yet?

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